Percussion & Drum Materials

Percussion and Drum Lesson Materials

There are a wide variety of options available to learn percussion and drums on effectively. Make sure you’ve discussed your goals and desires with your teacher so you know what products will be best.

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Low Cost Drum Kit:

Priced at $499, this Pearl drum kit has all the essentials for a beginners drum kit and includes all the set up pieces. Drumsticks are not included.


Medium Priced Drum Set:

The Ludwig Element Evolution 5-piece Drum Set is priced at $799 and has everything you need to get started, including cymbal stands, a drum throne, tom mounts, and tom legs, the Ludwig Element Evolution 5-piece Drum Set is a no-compromise drum set for drummers who demand the best from their equipment.


Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale Set 8-Pack:

Boomwhackers are a fantastic way to start off learning melodies in percussion! Octavator Caps are included so you can change the octave that you play in. This set includes all 8 pitches from C to C on a piano. All the pitches are color coded so it is easy for any age to pick up Boomwhackers and start learning music.


Drumsticks for Drum Set:

These are great beginner drum sticks for beginners practicing. They have a wood tip that provides a balanced sound oval tip for rich cymbal sounds. And the drumstick coating is gloss-free to reduce slippage while playing.


Drum Pad:

There’s no doubt about it, percussion can get pretty loud. Especially during practice. This double sided practice pad is certainly a must-have because it provides a great pad for beginners to practice technique without making your house the loudest on the street.


Please discuss any other materials you may need with your teacher so you have the best tools for success.