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These performance repertoire books are great for all ages! . If you’re looking for performance songs for your Primer to Level 3B children, these are the perfect piano books for you.

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Level 2A – Performance Repertoire: Piano Adventures

The 2nd Edition Level 2A Performance Book offers an array of colorful elementary pieces that reinforce the concepts presented in the Lesson Book. The selections range from arrangements of classical compositions to American folk songs and imaginative originals. Students and teachers will enjoy the wide variety of sounds and musical textures in this collection.

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Level 2B- Performance Book: Piano Adventures

The revised 2B Performance Book fosters a love of the piano while stretching students’ technique and musical expression. Eight additional pages feature three new pieces, including a lively four-hand duet. Students will enjoy the challenge of the three-movement Classic Sonatina, included at the end of the book as a special graduation piece.

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Level 3A -Performance Book: Piano Adventures

The 2nd edition of the 3A Performance Book offers appealing, pianistic pieces that closely correlate with the Lesson Book concepts. Students will enjoy three new selections including a 4-hand arrangement of Beethoven’s Alexander March, and a Duncombe sonatina. Well-loved pieces provide performance opportunities set in a variety of major and minor keys and accompaniment styles.

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Level 3B – Performance Book: Piano Adventures

The 2nd Edition of the 3B Performance Book offers appealing, pianistic pieces that closely correlate with the Lesson Book concepts. Students will enjoy a German Dance by Beethoven and a selection from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, as well as arrangements by Strauss, and a four-hand duet by Felix Mendelssohn. Well-loved standards such as “Hava Nagila” and “The Star-Spangled Banner,” along with new originals by the Fabers, provide a variety of major and minor keys, accompaniment styles, and pianistic expression.

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