Vision Impaired Online Music Lessons

Atlanta Music Education is delighted to announce a new offering of unique online voice lessons. The newest member to our staff, Madie Hendrix, is a talented, nurturing and successful singing teacher who has overcome great obstacles in her life.

Ms. Madie is blind and offers one of a kind voice lessons that truly hone and honor students’ skills. 

Singers will learn basic vocal techniques to be able to sing healthily in a variety of musical styles. Ms. Madie also creates lesson plans that incorporate the individual musical interests and abilities of her students.

Students that are also visually impaired will enjoy working with Ms. Madie to begin learning to read music in Braille. For all of Madie’s students, she will instill a strong foundation of music theory and ear training. Students will also learn performance skills and stage etiquette in order to be prepared and confident on stage and in auditions.  

Contact us now to learn more about online voice lessons with Ms. Madie and to book a fit session with her!