Little Lessons – PreK and Young Learners

Little Lessons are a first of its kind private lesson offering for our youngest musicians. The program started after seeing younger siblings of our students peeking in the lesson room week after week wishing they could have some music time just like their sibling. 

Little Lessons are a 20 minute special music making time great for Pre-K and Early Reader aged students to get a perfect amount of general early elementary music education with one of our trained teachers. 

Your teacher will bring in a mixture of instruments or use instruments already in the home to show students how rhythm works, how to play a ukulele and strum, bring in movement and sing along modules, fun interactive games about early learning music tools, open students up to classic and modern composers and early learning methods on the piano to name a few. 

Little Lessons have already graced our stages at our popular Kids Open Mics and even formal recitals. We meet students where they are at in their learning and Little Lessons have showed the crowd how to play a C chord on the ukulele, shake a maraca along with their teacher on the beat while they sang a song in Spanish together, played a simple Hot Cross Buns while their teacher helped guide their hand and more. 

Little Lessons are now offered in the comfort of your own home or virtually- yes virtually for 20 minute sessions. We have had multiple young students START their music study as online Little Lesson students and have never even met their teacher in real life still. Their successes are truly wonderful. 

Your Little Lesson teacher might recommend some method books to order that focus more on color and number usage for introducing music instead of our reading focused books we often use for our stronger readers. 

Little Lesson students have started as young as three years old- so try out a Fit Session with us this semester and let’s see if your little one is ready to make some music!