Private Lessons

Piano and Singing lessons helped with (our daughter’s) stage fright and shy-ness! We thought our girls (5 & 8 at the time)were just signing up for basic piano lessons. They’ve had that and more. From learning to sing while playing piano, to performing at small coffee houses and recently competing against others kids in a high school auditorium; this has done wonders for them (and me)in boosting their confidence/believing in themselves and teaching discipline when it comes to practicing for these recitals/performances.

Private music lessons build self esteem and a love for the arts that will grow exponentially. Creativity and confidence will abound with the AME team as your music teachers. We provide rewarding experiences for our private music students with workshops, group classes, summer camps and plenty of performance opportunities every month

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Our studio offers private in home and online lessons in:

Voice 🎙️


Songwriting 📝

  Sight-reading 🎶

Violin 🎻

Guitar 🎸

Ukulele 🎵

Percussion 🥁

Music Theory 🎼

Puppetry 🎭

Dance 🩰

Acting 🎭

Creative Writing ✏️

Our Recommendations:

  • Young student musicians can begin private lessons at the age of three and older with us.
  • Private lessons are 30 minutes weekly for our youngest students.
  • Private lessons are 45 minutes lessons weekly for students ages 7 and older.
  • Private lessons are also available at 60 minutes weekly. 
  • Our Little Lessons program is for our pre-k students or younger siblings of full time students and are just 20 minutes long with a music exploration curriculum. 

This is one after school activity on your calendar that you won’t need to worry about. Our teachers ad administrative staff go above and beyond in communication to make sure you never forget a lesson or event. Our students look forward to seeing us every week and we make learning music FUN.

Our music lessons are interactive and fun!

We appreciate our families and work around their busy schedules so they are able to include music in their lives.  We keep up to date with our parents and students through email, texting and Facebook everyday. 

We use a platform that music schools across the country utilize called My Music Staff to help you and our staff keep track of our calendar, attendance, invoices and online resources for your kids to utilize. 

Both you and your child can create a My Music Staff profile to keep in touch with your teacher. Students are encouraged to log in their practice time in their profile or even send a question mid week to their teacher if they’re feeling stuck. 

Our reputation for putting on inclusive, low pressure performance events has grown through the community and kept our students always wanting to get back on stage 

Get the whole house involved- we love working with all ages and levels of students. Our most musical student’s parents even join in on our group songs at our events

Why shop around when we’ve done the research for you:

Three local music schools with similar performance programming as ours, runs about
$720 a semester, $880 a semester, or $1000 a semester, but you have to go to THEIR studio to get your lesson.

So for just $14-46 a month more a month– our lessons come to YOUR home. You don’t have to sit in traffic or wait in a lobby for your child’s afterschool activity to wrap up. 

See our article in Simply Buckhead to see tuition examples and learn more about our director’s music education curriculum mission and what makes Atlanta Music Education stand apart!

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