Star Students and Music Ambassadors

Star Students

Atlanta Music Education strives to give all children the chance to grow, learn, and express themselves through music. Our Star Students are specially chosen by our teaching staff to receive a scholarship to study with us when we can accommodate. 

2021 Star Students and Music Ambassadors TBA

2020 Star Students – Nominated by Ms. Bryn

“Fie is only 9 but has just finished learning her first classical Italian song! She always comes to every lesson with a positive, fun attitude and enthusiasm to learn new things. She has such a beautiful voice and just keeps getting better and better. Her curiosity and hard work shine through her wonderful young talent.” – Ms. Bryn

“Lily was one of the younger students performing a full song by herself and sang with so much poise and confidence in front of so many people. I was a beaming teacher sitting with her wonderful parents, watching her share her gift with all of those people. Lilly is such a hard working, driven, and passionate young musician and I couldn’t be more proud” – Ms. Bryn

2019 Star Students

Juliana is one of Mr. Gabe’s newest students. She’s six years old and has an incredible voice for her age. She loves music from The Greatest Show Man and Disney movies. She’s an active performer in her community doing kid’s open mics frequently.

Justin has been in the studio since he was about three years old. He started with ukulele lessons with our Co-Founder, Mr. Matt, who tragically passed away a few years ago. Justin is now seven years old and is Ms. Elexa’s student. Last year won the Encouragement Award in his category at the Performing Arts Conservatory of Atlanta Vocal Competition.

Maggie is seven years old and is one of Mr. Gabe’s students. She’s a piano student and she’s very focused. Maggie is an active member of our program, frequently participating in open
mics and recitals. She was also a music ambassador in our spring recital this year!

Music Ambassadors

Music ambassadors are specially recognized for the exemplary work in lessons and are greeters at our formal recitals. Each music ambassador gets an award and speech at the end of their recital to recognize their wonderful work.

Our Music Ambassador program was put on pause for the Spring 2020-Spring 2021 season as we moved this event online. We look forward to announcing our newest Music Ambassadors at our Winter 2021 recitals.

Winter 2019 Ambassadors

Wren R.
Caroline C.
Dot C.

More of our wonderful Star Students and Music Ambassadors from 2012-2019 coming soon