Ukulele Materials

Ukulele Lesson Materials

Ukuleles are such versatile instruments for musicians of all levels! The soprano ukulele size best fits most children and we’ve put together our favorite ukes for you to choose from. We also have listed our favorite method book for beginner ukulele lovers.

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Ukulele Method Book: Alfred’s Kid’s Ukulele Course 1

Alfred’s Kid’s Ukulele Course method book is a great introduction for beginners to they can learn about the parts of their ukulele and learn proper finger positions and how to hold it. This book is a favorite of all our ukulele teachers.

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Our Favorite Ukulele: Kala Soprano Ukulele

Kala Ukuleles have a reputation for being high quality instruments that are suitable for children and adults at any level of playing. This ukulele is make of solid mahogany and had top of the line tuner pegs so you don’t have to worry about your ukulele going out of tune quickly.

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Low Price Ukulele: Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBS Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

Mahalo Ukuleles are perfect for our beginner players. Their size is perfect for children but they also come in 4 fun colors. They are affordable and are great for those who are picking up the instrument for the first time.

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Ukulele Picks: BoloPick Felt Ukulele Picks

BoloPick Felt Picks are smaller and softer, which makes them the best suited for tiny fingers learning to play ukulele for the first time. They come in a pack of 12 so if you lose one, it doesn’t stop your lesson.

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